Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Repairs to Sitesafe Digital Video Recorders

IES Digital Systems plc have just re-organised their Kemsing facility to include a state of the art repair facility for the original Sitesafe product launched in 1997.

Many of these systems are still providing sterling service around the UK so we are now offering a repair service or upgrade to our new Sitescape product.

The main difference between the current Sitescape and the earlier Sitesafe is the use of a DAT Drive to archive the video data. This DAT drive requires regular maintenance and occasional replacement.

We are now able to offer a complete service and DAT drive replacement at Kemsing...using only BRAND NEW Sony DDS3 DAT drives, not refurbished units.
As the Sony DDS3 is no longer being produced we have negotiated an end of life purchase from Sony to secure stocks for our customers into the future.